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 The New Minato Uzumaki

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K Minato Nagi
K Minato Nagi

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PostSubject: The New Minato Uzumaki   The New Minato Uzumaki Icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 2:31 pm

Name: Minato Uzumaki

Age: 20

Race: Human

Appearance: The New Minato Uzumaki Sennin11

Alignment: Good

Classification:(What would you Rank your character) (Ranks from E, D, C, B, A, S) E being the lowest and S Being the Highest

Gender: Male

Alliance. Leaf Village

Personality: almost the likeness of Naruto and his grandmother Kushina, very hot-tempered and hyperactive. He uses his fist sometimes to get a point across. Minato, use to not think before he act until he finally matured. But more so he gets very cocky and wild. When he gets serious, he stays calm. More so, he stays subtle at times.

History: Minato Uzumaki was born on Jan 13th, a young baby boy from the father of Naruto Uzumaki and mother of Hinata Hyuga. A love child at best. Naruto, now being alot more wiser and more so turning out to be like his father Minato and his godfather Jiriaya, he thought the best for his son and his lover. Naruto knew by fact that he would not be accepted by the hyuga clan, not cause it was Naruto but more so it was an illigetimate child. Both Naruto and Hinata were not married at the time Minato's birth. Threaten by what the hyuga clan might do to his son, Naruto gave the child to the hokage, asking him to protect him at all cost. The hokage was uneasy about this and did not know whether he should or not for seeing that the hyuga clan would send there own men to assasinate the child and try to kill him for being a bastard child and possibly kill Naruto. Naruto was in mild dread not know whether he should take the child with him or leave him in Konoha so he would learn the ways of the leaf and take on the will of fire. Hinata pleaded with Naruto let Minato stay in Konoha for she was planning to protect him with her life and he loved her child like any mother would. Naruto loved Hinata and would want nothing more but to make her happy so he decided to let him stay, only on one condition for the hokage to do to his son. That he will have to put the Ten Tail beast inside of his on son, so he can be a jinchuuriki too. He wanted The Ten tail beast to protect his son just like the kyuubi did for him, not even the strongest of the hyuga's could match up to his raw power. The hokage, and secretly went out too find Akai-tora with Naruto so they can weaken the beast, Blue Devil agreed to help with this. For the next few days after Minato's birth, Blue Devil gave his life up for Minato to have the Akai-tora chakra sealed within Minato. Naruto, satisfied with the actions he had take to protect his son, left for the next 15 years, leaving Minato in the village of the leaf

As Minato began to grow up and become older, he was a child simular to Naruto. He had the prankish attitude, messing up the faces of the hokages, playing silly and sometimes harsh pranks on the villagers and the shinobi and of course eating as much ramen as his father would've. But most of the time, he was alone. No one, not even the children of Konoha would even talk to Minato. This made Minato depressed even to the point of hating Konoha for what they have to him. Minato's only friend that he had was his mother, Hinata. Hinata knew it would be hard for Minato to even live in a place were he would not be understand by anyone who looked at him. It reminded her of Naruto almost to the point of tears. Minato knew that his mother was suffering because of it, and he also saw how people treated her. The hyuga clan would not take her in as there own. The only person who cared for Hinata and Minato was Hinata's sister. She would try her hardest to help out her nephew and sister with the best of her abiltities, but when Minato turn ten, his aunt no longer appeared to him for they had threaten her to be ban out of the clan. This, and more events to come, made Minato almost infuriated with Konoha, almost to the point where he despise them so much that it would turn him very ill. Hinata knew about this and took Minato by the hand saying "Dont hate them for what they have done to you. In time, my loving son, it wont be like this forever, in time you will see how much you can love Konoha and almost want to protect it. You'll see, my loving son"

From the soft and kind words of his mother, Minato had a new lease on life. He wanted to prove to Konoha that he would do anything to protect them. He wanted to show the Konoha that he was more to it then what meets the eye. During this time, he started to improve himself more and more in the academy. He joined at the age of 8 and began his quest to obtain his goal. He wasnt good in genjutsu and had little ninjutsu experience since he had almost the complete likeness of the Akai-tora chakra, it was hard for him to control at the time. But he was excellent and acceeded in Taijutsu. Thanks to his mother, he was a considered a "one of a kind genius" when it came to the hyuga style taijutsu, the gentle fist. He was like his second cousin Neji, who had also acceeded in the gentle fist. Minato was pressing forward in his academic challenges and soon therefore he had obtain the title of genin after passing the academy exams. Hinata was proud of her son, seeing that he was on his way to become a great shinobi. Minato was estatic to see that his mother was proud of him, and some of the students and the higher ranked shinobi were amazed that Minato had passed the academy exam and had pressed forward in being a genin. However, most of the shinobi still disapproved of him and tried to keep him down from ever achieving the goals that he wanted. No matter what the words that Minato was told, this did not stop him from going through at what he wants the most. To become the next best thing, the hokage.

Specialty: Akai-tora(Seal), Uzumkai Combo (Taijutsu), Sexy Jutsu(Ninjutsu), Shadow Clone(Ninjutsu), Rasengan(Ninjutsu) , Odama Rasengan(Ninjustu), Rasen Shuriken(Ninjutsu), Wind Clone(Ninjutsu).

Learned jutsus:Akai-tora(Seal), Minato Beat Down (Taijutsu), Rasengan(Ninjutsu) , Odama Ras, Rasen Shuriken(Ninjutsu), Wind Clone(Ninjutsu

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The New Minato Uzumaki
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