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 The Wandering Soul's Menu

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PostSubject: The Wandering Soul's Menu   The Wandering Soul's Menu Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 5:40 pm

Tetsuya: Ohayo gozaimasu, my friends!~ Feel free to take a gander at the list of refreshments and let me know when you're ready to order!

Beer | The quintessential fare at any bar or tavern. Tetsuya's Super Secret Soul Society Brew! | 1 Bounty, free refills!~

Makai Wine | A finer drink for those who wish to celebrate a special occasion. Not easy to get a hold of, though.... | 5 Bounty for a bottle.

Sake | The traditional Japanese rice wine. Another of Tetsuya's secret recipes, this sake is more potent than most! | 3 Bounty for a cup with free refills or 2 Bounty for a jug.

Mixed Drinks | Tetsuya is, after all, a skilled bartender... he can mix any drink you like upon request! | 3 Bounty, free refills!~

Special Requests | If you want something really special or fancy that you can't get a hold of every day, Tetsuya will hook you up if he's got it in stock! But it's no easy task to get a hold of this stuff... | 10-20 Bounty for a request, refunded immediately if your request is not available! Prices depend on difficulty to obtain/availability of the item.

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The Wandering Soul's Menu
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