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 The Wandering Soul

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PostSubject: The Wandering Soul   The Wandering Soul Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 5:42 pm

The Wandering Soul Tavern is a simple building tucked away between homes and vending stands in the middle of the 9th District of Rukongai. A small wooden sign hangs next to the door, and on it is a picture of a wispy spirit holding a hobo sack. It reads "The Wandering Soul Tavern. All souls are welcome here, to spend time with friends and a round of beer!"

Inside, there are several small tables with four little benches set around them: two of these are situated at either side of the doorway, and four more are staggered at the left side of the room. The bar is at the back right corner of the room, stocked with any kind of spirits that a thirsty soul could ask for-- provided that Tetsuya, the barkeep, has it in stock.

Just between the bar and the table at the right side of the door (going in), there is a small platform where a small band plays whenever they're around. Their main forté is playing traditional Irish pub music, but they are also able to play many other styles of music. Many a patron has stopped by the Soul to hear the merry sounds of the tin whistle accompany their favorite drink.

Tetsuya is a kind and generous man, and is always able to offer advice or a helping hand. He has even been known to offer the poorest of souls a free drink to encourage them, for he can easily relate to their situation after living in Rukongai for as long as he has. Off the record, Tetsuya has also been rumored to be an information broker, exchanging information for favors to assist those in need. Tetsuya has never seen the need to turn anyone away from the hospitality he offers at the soul and welcomes all citizens of Rukongai and Seireitei to his humble establishment.

The Wandering Soul is always open to those looking to enjoy themselves, be it with friends or family.

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The Wandering Soul
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