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 New Equipment Template [Must Follow]

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K Minato Nagi
K Minato Nagi

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PostSubject: New Equipment Template [Must Follow]   Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:22 pm



Looks: Three full lines minimum, please be as descriptive as possible, just because line requirements are met, does not mean I will approve your equipment, must leave no questions for readers or a Picture.

Powers: Three lines minimum. Same as looks, leave no room for questions in your descriptions.

Story: Four lines minimum, if it is a basic katana, meaning it is metal blade, bought at a blacksmith, has no special properties, and cannot do anything besides cut what a regular katana [or whatever weapon] could, then this part may be disregarded, but only if those criteria are met.

Non-Weapon Related:
This is my new section. People try to sneak around the rules by adding new elements to their character by giving themselves special weapons. This will no longer be missed, you must put your character’s main element in the space provided, regardless of impact on equipment. The jutsu link will confirm your element, and the clan/demon/seal link, well, that will be for reference, and it is only needed is relevant to the equipment.

Chakra Element Or Bankai:

Link to Jutsus:

Link to Clan/Seal/demon:
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New Equipment Template [Must Follow]
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