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 Deuce at the Hospitial

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Deuce at the Hospitial Empty
PostSubject: Deuce at the Hospitial   Deuce at the Hospitial Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 12:04 pm

After her date with Minato Deuce wnt to the hospital to see if she was ok. "You can come in now," The doctor said. "Let's see so what brings you here today?"
Deuce: "Well I think I might be......Pregant"
Doctor: "Wow that's a big thing, so who's the father?"
Deuce: "If I am then it might be......Minato Uzumaki."

The doctor starting to run several test to see if Deuce was.

Doctor: "Good News......You are. I suggest you find this Minato and start the family the right way."

Deuce left to find Minato.
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Deuce at the Hospitial
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