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 Diclonius Vectors

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PostSubject: Diclonius Vectors   Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:52 pm

Name of Bloodline: Vectors

Type of Bloodline: Unknown

Rank: None given

Description: This ability is a form of telepathy. This telekinetic ability allows diclonius to manipulate solid matter, which is manifested through the use of limited range invisible ghost like arms extending out of their backs, known as "vectors". A diclonius' vectors can be several meters in length, and are many times stronger than the physical human body, allowing a diclonius to telekinetically lift objects many times their own weight and hurl them with tremendous force, or to dismember an enemy by pulling them limb from limb. They can also be used to telekinetically shield a diclonius from projectile and physical weapons, even some jutsu. Vectors are capible of freely passing through things without causing harm, but if a diclonius wants to make their vectors can become extremely sharp (by causing it to vibrate at a microscopic level) making them capable of slicing through objects and human flesh and bone. Diclonii also possess a limited psychic ability, in that they can sense a fellow diclonius' presence via telepathy over short distances.
Lucy has a total of 18 Vectors that can reach up to 2 meters in any direction from her.

Weaknesses: For Lucy she can only reach up to two meters and when in a state of pain they become weakened.
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K Minato Nagi

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PostSubject: Re: Diclonius Vectors   Thu Jun 12, 2008 6:58 pm



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Diclonius Vectors
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