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 Sannam Namikaze

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PostSubject: Sannam Namikaze   Sannam Namikaze Icon_minitimeTue Jun 10, 2008 11:28 pm

Basic Information
Name: Sannam Namikaze

--Nickname: Konoha's new "Yellow Flash"

Age: 16
Clan//Family: Namikaze

Looks: Sannam Namikaze Namikaze

Personality: Sannam is very seroius, he does not like to play around a lot. He gets annyoed very easy, and has a slight temper.The only time he will play is when he is with his younger brother.He enjoys lost of running, and helps people a lot. He doesn't always make the smarest chocies, but in the end, he comes out on top. He wants to become the strongest of his family, without having to kill anyone that is close. He seeks power, but for the right reasons.

Alliance. Leaf

Rank//Chakra Information
Ninja Rank: Jounnin

~Pick one: Ninjutsu,
Chakra Element: Choose ONE of the following [only refers to new profiles, not updated ones.] ], Fuuton [Wind]

Special moves: Kaze no Sunshin,Rai no Sunshin,Ka no Sunshin,Flying Thunder God Technique, and Rasengan

Do not list your jutsu, or any other skills or specialties. Only one of the things listed above [With a few minor exceptions, like fuuinjutsu or something else not mentioned. Ultimately, i'll be the judge of it.] It is just to tell us what your character is best at, yes, you must only choose ONE this does not mean they are bad at the others, it means that they are better at the selected option, whether it's a lot better then the others or only a tiny bit better then the others.

Background Information
History: Sannam was born a year before his brother. He got in school at the earily age of 4. He trained with his father, but never his mother. The year his brother was born, he does not remeber, but he is always told about it. Sannam was a little jeauos of his brother, becasue he got more accetion, becasue he was younger. The two grew up together getting in many fights, but always helping each other when they needed too. Sannam's parnet either was kinnapped or killed no one knows what happened to them. Sannam carried on his fathers training with his brother training him, that last few times, to competle what he need too. The too still train together today.After Going to School Sannam and his brother hwere in different class, finally getting time apart, they somehow grew closer. A few weeks into school the decide there was a chance to find the parnets, and they began looking in the freetime, when not training.
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Sannam Namikaze
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