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 Osamu Kouken

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PostSubject: Osamu Kouken   Osamu Kouken Icon_minitimeSat Jun 07, 2008 11:47 am

Name: Osamu Rimaka (Osamu means Ruler)

Age: 1022

Bloodline: Rimakan

Rank: S-Rank Missing Nin


Village: Sand Village

Alignment: Neutral (Does whatever benefitsí him for now and in the long run)


Personality: Arrogant, Smart, Sadistic, Helpful, Open mined, Leader, Elegant (ASSHOLE!)

History: 1000 years ago Osamu, a human who was strong and had amazing chakra abilities, confronted the invading shinobis against the wishes of the Marsh Country's leader. Joined by other rebellious shinobis, Osamu's leadership allowed them to drive off the invading shinobis. During the invasion, he learned of the Rimakan clan. A clan that he knew nothing about and figured he had to learn and so realized that only someone who understood the Rimakan and led by someone who understood the Rimakan would be able to repel them. Thus, Osamu ordered the use of devastating mass massacre of his former comrads and destroyed the remnants of the invading shinobi so he could concentrate on the Rimakan threat.

Osamu took his knowledge and left the Marsh Country, claiming to be searching for the remnants of the invading shinobi, but in truth searching for a way to infiltrate the Rimakan, which he knew little to nothing about. Osamu knew that he had to get close but at the same time he knew that the Rimakan clan was'nt stupid either. So he studied the Rimakan clan for years as he went from place to place gathering information. It wasn't until he discovered someone named Jounten Rimakan that he knew he had to stop them. Jounten was a huge threat not just to the Marsh Country but to the entire human race. Osamu knew he had to be able to go forth with is plan. He planned on using his knowledge of chakra and what genjutsu he knew to try and defeat Jounten inside his own mind. With this information, and his plan in place, Osamu set out to find the clan. Osamu searched for days with only 4 followers, Iku, Hitomi, Hiro, and Akihiro. Osamu and the others found the Rimakan clan. He along with the others, now inside the belly of the beast, went on in and decided to attack.

After days of fighting Osamu would heal his fallen brethern and would continue the fight until He reached Jounten. Once confronted, He then used his genjutsu only to be countered by Jounten. This was to be expected which is why he only used a little of his chakra. Osamu engauged Jounten in a battle of the minds. After about 3 hours of non stop genjutsu battle with Jounten, he began to get weaken due to him not knowing much about Jounten it gave Jounten the upper hand. But This was all part of his plan. See this was just a test of strenth. Iku throw a smoke bomb down and stabbed Osamu in his right leg to help him escape the genjutsu. After that she threw another smoke bomb and got away. The battle had taken it's toll on Osamu as he needed to recover.

Upon their arrival they were greeted and rested for a few days. One week later Osamu was asked to lead an assualt agianst the Rimakan. Of course he agreed as he wanted to finish what he started. Thus he returned at the head of a massive shinobi group. Calling themselves Hell's Guardians, they declared war on the Rimakans. They won the battle and as he prepared to battle with Jounten who infiltrated while the others were battling.

Akihiro knew that Osamu's obession with ending the Rimakans would lead to either dying in battle or worse going into a state of insanity. So Akihiro, in the hopes of destroying both Osamu, Jounten, and the Rimakan, betrayed his Master, ordering the shinobis under his command to attack the cave where they were fighting. Though Akihiro believed himself to have been successful in killing Osamu, chance, or perhaps the his own intunement with chakra, kept Osamu alive.Although he was severely injured from the chakra blasts. He was then taken by Jounten and the Rimakan strike team to the hidden cave of where the Rimakan now resides due to the war.

In this cave is where Jounten and the other members chose to wipe Osamu's memory, and imprint him with a false identity of being a Rimakan. Jounten placed a Rimakan gene inside of Osamu and infused it with his DNA. His memories begins with him awaking in a cave in the Marsh Country under attack. Osamu is chained and does'nt know why. He escapes to find that Akihiro had destroyed the Marsh Country and his plan was to place the blame on Osamu. Making him look like a criminal and giving Akihiro full authority to attack Osamu, but his plan was stopped before he go further. Osamu killed Akihiro with multiple stab wounds.

Later he would go on to create alliences with multiple people who all either ended up dying in the end or leaving of their own free will. Osamu didn't need alliences but he did like to have people around him. So he went from place to place wondering his purpose and trying to get a a clue as to who he is or was. He knew that he had strange abilities but he also knew that he had to learn how to hone them so he could get stronger. So he trained and trained in every type of weather to learn of weather effects in battle.

Throughout his jounery, Osamu doesn't learn of his forgotten history until he confronts Jounten Rimaka nearly 1000 years later where he thought Jounten was his father but in actuality he is his creator. This information shocks him and begins to follow Jounten so that he can be trained. Osamu's training is interuppted when a girl from the future tells of Jounten plans. Jounten orders the capture of Jenni and wants Osamu to kill her but he sees this as a chance to prove his worth to his creator and instead of killing her, Osamu erased her memory and added new memories as to make her believe she serves Osamu.

They left to gather a group of shinobi to create their own village. So Osamu goes and assembles a band of followers as he starts he rise to power. During this time Akihiro decendant tries to continue what his ancestor started and Osamu encounters Akihiro IV who tells Osamu that he is the former shinobi leader. He also tells him that his life is a lie now. He also tells Osamu he never thought he'd see the day Osamu would be a Rimakan and embracing it at that. Those words didn't mean as much as they should seeing how Akihiro was dead and this was his decendant. So he attempts to kill him right then and there. Akihiro IV gets away and Osamu, Jenni, Deuce, and Beauty set out to accomplish Their leader's goal.

Akihiro IV captures Beauty and tries to kill her. Osamu quickly decides to go after Akihiro IV and kill him! Akihiro IV disappears and Beauty falls off a cliff. At that moment Osamu uses his Time Stop jutsu for the 1st time since he trained Jounten. At this time he also discovers the ability to alter time itself. Once he does that he saves Beauty but is drained of all his chakra. After about 5 hours Osamu recovers some of his chakra. He would later go on to confronts Akihiro alone. The battle ensued and it was Osamu who emerged victorious.

A year after the defeat of Akihiro IV, Osamu left after he built his village. He became Kage and made his creator proud. Although Jounten died many years before it was built Osamu still believe he had to impress him even in death. Within a year it was attacked on all sides and due to lack of shinobi it was destroyed and Deuce died in battle defending it. Hoping to put an end to the threat before it could attack again, Osamu bade farewell to the 3 remaining comrades who had accompanied him on his quest, knowing that none whom he loved could safely accompany him in the places he had to walk.

Speciality: Mental Intuned, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Chakra intuned

Learned jutsus: Coldest Winter, Night Rain, Zeus (Summoning)

Elements: Water/Wind

Weapons/items: Heaven's Disrupter

Goals: To have a purpose/egain his status as a legend/understand why is it that humans fight/To further advance his own knowledge.

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PostSubject: Re: Osamu Kouken   Osamu Kouken Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 11:38 am

Osamu is that you? Is this you and Minato's site? Is Aimi gonna be here 2? Ahh cool site by the way. I just found it while I was studing in school. I love it i'll make my character reallll soooooon. K? Oh this is how I want Jenni to look.

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(Drac) My daughter WHO LOVED ME SOOOO MUCH!!!
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