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PostSubject: Shop Stock   Shop Stock Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 5:49 pm

:: Sweeps her broom :: Konnichiwa...would you like to see our stock?

Energy Pill
A pill designed by Soul Society R&D Labs to re-energize the 4th Division for the optimal effect of Healing. | 5 Bounty for a pack of 6 Pills

Energy Pill - Type 2
A placebo pill that you can give to someone as a prank. This is a different pill than the original pill from the 4th Division. The main ingredient in this pill is flour. | 1 Bounty (Not that anyone would really want this...)

Standard Gigai
Temporary bodies for Shinigami (Or any Soul that is capable of getting their hands on one) to use while living in the living world or while thier powers have been taken away. | 24 Bounty

Hojikuzai | (Restore Meat Medicine)
Heals any body part that may have been lost or injured in battle. | 12 Bounty

Memory Chikan
With a small spark it replaces the memory of a being with (Occasionally) ordinary daily memories to fill in for the ones taken out. | 6 Bounty

Random Demon Art Manual
A draw at a new Demon Art! Might be really strong, might be weak, who knows! (Note, the chances of drawing a low numbered art is much higher then a larger number, and it's not impossible to get one that you already have.) | 3 Bounty

Safety Charm
A small token on a string. It doesn't hold any actual value, but it acts as, more or less, a sentimental item...perhaps? | 2 Bounty

One drop of this tranquilizer on the unprotected skin of someone with low spiritual pressure will cause them to faint. | 10 Bounty for 4 drops

Shinigami Cell Phone
Used to recieve orders or to pinpoint the location of Hollows. | 7 Bounty

Shinigami Handcuffs
Seals the spiritual power of the person that it is used on. | 12 Bounty

Used to syncronize a Soul (Usually a Shinigami) with his/her Gigai. | 8 Bounty for a pack of 5 Soumafixers

Teddy Bear
Aww...a cute little teddy bear! | 1 Bounty

This strange-looking life-sized doll is used to draw out the spirit of a Shinigami's Zanpakutou for a short time if they are unable to materialize it on their own... but for what use is completely unknown. Available by special order! | 20 Bounty

Custom Gigai
A Gigai for the self-conscious spirit or Shinigami, this Gigai can be custom-made to look like the user, with a few extra perks depending on whom it is made for. This gigai will only work with its owner, as an added security feature. Available by special order! | 30 Bounty

Hi-Spec Custom Gigai
A Gigai for the performance-oriented spirit or Shinigami. Not only does it have all the features of the original Custom Gigai, this type is also rumored to allow a spirit or Shinigami full access to their spiritual abilities while they are wearing it. This is a top-of-the-line product, and its craftsmanship is guaranteed! However, Urahara-tenchou is wary to give this particular model to just anybody. Available by special order! | Talk to Urahara-tenchou to discuss the availability and price for this item.

Custom Mod Soul
Rumor has it that Urahara-tenchou is able to construct a Modified Soul to exacting specifications for those who may require the use of one... however, it may only be just a rumor. | Talk to Urahara-tenchou to discuss the availability and price for this item.

Gigai Modifications
Urahara-tenchou is a mechanical whiz when it comes to a Gigai, and is more than happy to assist you with any upgrades or maintenance you need to keep your Gigai in top form! | Talk to Urahara-tenchou to discuss a price for this service.

Hollow Bait
When one of these strange white wafers is broken and tossed into the air, strange things can happen where it is used... use this with discretion! | 5 Bounty for a pack of five wafers

Sanrei Gauntlet
A strange-looking glove that increases the effectiveness of Spiritron weapons if one can keep their weapon active for a week while wearing it. Must be worn at all times once put on! If removed, will greatly amplify one's spiritual power for a short time, but the effects afterward vary. It is said that one can lose their powers for good after removing it. It's also unsure how Urahara-tenchou gets a hold of these.... | 15 Bounty; talk to Urahara-tenchou for availability of this item.

Chicken Whistle
A rather odd-looking whistle used to signal for help. It's said that some strange things happen after someone uses this item, and that certain people are linked to its use... but Urahara-tenchou dismisses all that as nonsense! | 5 Bounty

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