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 A Proclaimation!

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PostSubject: A Proclaimation!   A Proclaimation! Icon_minitimeMon Jun 09, 2008 5:37 pm

"Due to the current dangerous pecarious position of the Gotei 13's forces, further unexplained absences will no longer be left unpunished. In the interest of enforcing the laws of the Gotei 13, which have been left on the wayside over the past months, the Royals have dispatched a task force taken from their bodyguard, who will take up the duty of tracking down and punishing any ranking Shinigami who leaves without having been released from the system.

If there are any problems, direct them to a member of the Royal Emergency Task Force, who be residing in the former First Division quarters until more appropriate arrangements can be made."

~The Center Fourty Six

((This message is found on various billboards and poles throughout Seireitei, and this does not neccessarily precepetate anything, it's just all the rogues are starting to get on my personal nerves, and will no longer be able to occur with impunity. This also does not neccessarily mean that former rogues will get off scot-free, though any who have an excuse, or have already been "Dealt With" won't have to worry about coming under the RETF's fire.

Information on the three members can now be found in Other Important Individuals.))

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A Proclaimation!
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