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 Heaven's Disrupter

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PostSubject: Heaven's Disrupter   Mon Jun 09, 2008 12:06 pm

Name: Heaven's Disrupter

Description: A sword of mass destruction.


-Capabilities: This sword has the power to unleash the ultimate being of good and evil. It is said that many who weild either die instantly or end up in a world of eternal pain. Osamu has studied this weapon and has just about mastered it.

Story: A traveling merchant came to the metal village looking for Osamu. Osamu ran quickly to see what he wanted. The man told him that the sword was very dangerous and that Osamu was the only one capable of weilding it. The merchant gave Osamu the sword and was never seen agian.

Non-Weapon Related: Bankai

-Link to Clan/Seal/demon: Yin Yang Eyes

Bankai: This the Heaven's Disrupter's Bankai:

Osamu calls upon this warrior when his sword reaches it's highest peak. He is said to be the ultimate hero of the Heaven's. He is the head commander of the Angel's army. His special ability is to summon all of the angels from heaven to launch an all out attack on the opponet. Any other data is unknown about this bankai.
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Heaven's Disrupter
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