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K Minato Nagi
K Minato Nagi

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Name of Tailed Beast:Akai-tora (Red Tiger) Ten Tailed

Character Name:Minato Uzumkai

Part of Body:Upper rigth shoulder

How was it attained:The Akai-tora is a myth or so it's said to be. The only person to ever actually see the beast and lived was Jiraya before he died by pein. Due mainly to it's danger and threat to whoever it saw as an enemy but the only person Akai-tora saw as an enemy would be long time rival the 9 tailed Fox. Staying out of the publi eye and only coming out to feed was it's purpose to reveal it self. Although curiouas to see if the son Naruto could control a beast that equal to and possibly more deadly than th nine tail fox, Jiraya took Minato out one night and told him of thelegendary akai-tora the ten tailed red tiger. Minato seemed excited and wanted to know more about it. Jiraya asked him how would you like to control Akai-tora? Jiraya showed minato where it lied in dormant and Jiraya used ajustu to put Minato to sleep then Jiraya used a Shadow clone to help him extracted the Beast essences and put it in Minato. Mnato then went inside his own mind and saw Akai-tora, Akai-tora then told Minato that if he ever wants to know the truth about why Jiraya chose you , come here anytime. Also I can show you power beyond tha of even an Uchiha.

How to reach Effects:At will, Family and Friends in danger, Wrong doings.

Special Abilities: Increase speed, strenght and chakra.(One Tail), Hearing, seeing increased.(Two Tails), Appearance change teeth grow and tails become solid.(Three Tails), anything after three tails are Unknow.

Drawbacks to using the Bijuu’s powers:Drains chakra to0, Knocked out from anywhere from a hour to a week.
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