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 Announcement: Character Creation Template [READ FIRST]

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Announcement: Character Creation Template [READ FIRST] Empty
PostSubject: Announcement: Character Creation Template [READ FIRST]   Announcement: Character Creation Template [READ FIRST] Icon_minitimeFri Jun 06, 2008 12:30 pm


Age: (Simple enough, if you have a character that's 1000 years old, PLEASE explain it in your history)

Bloodline: (We do allow certain bloodlines, we are still working on the issue with Uchiha's so at the moment unless you are a descendant from a SURVIVING Uchiha then yes. But, I don't want one person has 20 kids with different mothers. That's ridiculous. the moment, until we have more info on the Rinnegan, that's a no. But all n all, go nuts)

Rank: (Genin by default. However, if you want to start off higher then give one of the moderators or administrators a rp sample to determine whether you should start higher. Don't say your a missing nin yet until the villages are filled up PLEASE DONT PUT YOUR SAMPLE IN THE HISTORY. Some characters may have the rank of genin but might be classified as Jounin level, however, this depends on the history and the rp sample you give to a mod or admin)

Classification: (This is based off of us, if your rp skills are somewhat low or average then we might just put genin or chuunin, by sending one of the mods or admins a rp sample, this will make this part the template easier for us, instead of us traveling around section to section trying to find your character)

Village: (Basic, however if you are a missing nin, state which village you deflected from and how you deflected.)

Alignment: (Naruto or Bleach. Please explain which side and why. If your character is a combination of both ex. A ninja trained as a Soul Reaper then explain in your history.)

Appearance: (A description of yourself or a picture. If you have a pic but he/she don't wear that type of clothing then describe what he/she wears).


History: (Please no one liners or a few sentences. Please put some thought into this. For genin just two to three paragraphs, for chuunin 7-8 paragraphs, for jounin 12-13 paragraphs. Kage leveled shinobi need at least 15 paragraphs. And remember!!! Each paragraph must have atleast 5 sentences. And each sentence must have at least 5 words. Yes we want to know a lot about your character. It helps the moderators and administrators to determine rank)

Specialty: (The character might be a Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Doujutsu, Fuuijutsu element attund, chakra intuned, spiritually attuned, mental intuned soul reaping, bankai. You cant have ALL of them, you might be good with two or three but the others you have simple understanding of it others. For genin, list one, chuunin to jounin two, s-rank/high level Soul Reaper, list three or four)

Learned Jutsus: (Just a FEW, not all of the jutsu's you have. Really post your signature jutsu(s))

Elements: (Have one dominate element and one recessive element, ex a dominate element could be fire and one the recessive could be wind. This is a concerning issue that you must follow. Some might have two recessive elements.)

Weapons/items: (Specific items that you carry around that's not part of the typical shinobi. Ex: A poisoned-dipped katana)

Goals: (Optional, this helps a lot)

Ordinary Human/Spirit
:Self Defence Method:: As was mentioned earlier, while you may be completely useless against anything of any power, it doesn't mean you have no fighting talents whatsoever, so if your character has had any combat-training, then you would list it here. In the case of Spirits, you can also list a few Demon Arts, but always keep in mind that they won't work well at ALL

Changeling Spirit

:Altered State: Recently, some spirits have exhibted some extraordinary transformational abilities, ranging from the entire gamut of mythical creatures, from Dragons to Nekomata. List the creature your character is connected to here, and the first, "Hybridized" form as your Level One.
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Announcement: Character Creation Template [READ FIRST]
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